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Team Members

Statutory Member Proxy Appointment
RI Water Resources Board
Kenneth Burke

General Manager
Kathleen Crawley
Staff Director
RI Division of Planning
Kevin Flynn

Associate Director
Jared Rhodes
RI Statewide Planning
Narragansett Bay Commission
Raymond Marshall, P.E.

Executive Director
Thomas Uva
Planning, Policy, & Regulation
RI Department of Environmental Management
Janet Coit

Susan Kiernan
Deputy Chief
Office of Water Resources
RI Economic Development Corp.
William Parsons

Managing Director, Business and Community Development
Michael Walker
Senior Project Manager
RI Rivers Council
Guy Lefebvre

RI Coastal Resources Management Council
Grover Fugate

Executive Director
Jeff Willis
Deputy Director

State law specifies that the Coordination Team membership shall consist of the senior executive leaders of seven state agencies as listed above. In addition, the Coordination Team Chair may call upon the assistance and participation of other state agencies or programs.